Farmers and ranchers can start applying to enroll grasslands in the Conservation Reserve Program Grasslands signup on March 16. 

“This CRP Grasslands signup allows farmers and ranchers to protect grasslands, rangelands, and pastures, while they maintain the land as working grazing lands,” says Farm Service Agency Administrator Richard Fordyce. “The program emphasizes support for grazing operations and plant and animal biodiversity while protecting land under the greatest threat of conversion or development.” 

CRP Grasslands participants retain the right to conduct common grazing practices like haying, mowing, or harvesting seed from the enrolled land. 

The timing of some activities may be restricted by the primary nesting season of birds. 

Participants will receive an annual rental payment and may receive up to 50 percent cost-share for establishing approved conservation practices. 

The duration of a CRP contract is either 10 or 15 years. Signup will run through May 15. 

CRP marks its 35th anniversary in 2020 with 22 million acres currently enrolled in the program.