The USDA wants to remind producers that options are available for them to insure double-crop soybeans, grain sorghum, and other crops where the practice isn’t allowed. 

Producers in counties where the Following Another Crop practice isn’t allowed may be able to request coverage through their insurance agent under a couple of conditions: If they plant soybeans and other crops after wheat or other small grains, or if producers in some areas work soybeans into wheat using a relay-cropping practice. 

It’s important to remember that requests have to get submitted to crop insurance agents by July 15. 

In addition to these 2022 crop year options, the Risk Management Agency is actively working with stakeholders to identify areas to expand double-cropping coverage for the 2023 crop year. 

This initiative may include expanding where the FAC practice is allowed permanently or considering other flexibilities and expanding where written agreements are allowed.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)