The House-passed bill to ease economic burdens caused by COVID-19 includes additional food benefits. 

The Senate will consider the bill early this week. 

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell called the bill “crucial legislation for the American people.” McConnell says, “It is clear that confronting this virus will take boldness, bipartisanship, and a comprehensive approach.” 

Politico reports the legislation includes an additional $1 billion in food benefits for students and workers. 

The Department of Agriculture has already granted more than 25 waivers to states to serve meals to low-income students during school closures. 

Further, the legislation includes $500 million for pregnant women and mothers under the WIC program, as well as $400 million in emergency aid for the Agriculture Department to purchase and distribute items to food banks. 

The bill also would suspend SNAP work requirements during the crisis. 

The legislation includes other economic measures, as well, intended to help America deal with the financial burden of the crisis.