Corn export sales almost doubled week-to-week while soybean sales also jumped higher. 

The USDA says corn sales to overseas buyers jumped 92 percent week-to-week to 1.44 million metric tons.

That’s up 34 percent over the prior four-week average. Japan was the biggest buyer at more than 401,000 metric tons. 

An unnamed buyer purchased 334,000 tons, and Columbia bought almost 126,000 metric tons. 

China was in for another 88,500 tons, while El Salvador canceled a shipment of 24,000 tons. 

Exports totaled 1.46 million metric tons last week, 43 percent higher than the previous week, and 41 percent from the average. 

Soybean sales totaled 908,000 metric tons, significantly higher last week’s marketing year low of almost 37,000 tons and the highest number since November 12. 

China was the biggest buyer again, purchasing 758,300 metric tons. Other significant buyers included Spain, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Pakistan. 

Last week’s export total was 2.04 million metric tons, up 10 percent from the previous week but down 12 percent from the average. 

Wheat sales through January 7 totaled almost 222,000 metric tons, down 19 percent week-to-week and 49 percent from the four-week average.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)