Consumer concerns remain high amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Research by the Consumer Brands Association shows that for the sixth week, American attitudes have remained largely consistent, as 91 percent of Americans say they are generally concerned about the virus. 

Preparedness also held steady from last week, with 76 percent of Americans reporting they feel prepared for the coronavirus’ impact on their life. 

As manufacturers ramp up production and grocery stores implement item limits to prevent overbuying, 55 percent of respondents reported seeing more availability and restocks of high-demand items. 

Access concerns over finding shelf-stable food and beverage items, as well as over-the-counter medicines, both dropped. 

The most notable decrease was in food and beverage items, where high-demand items are reportedly coming back in stock across the country. 

For many Americans, a return to normalcy can’t come soon enough. 

A majority, 60 percent said they are concerned about their ability to pay bills and afford necessities.