The U.S. Commerce Department responded to a U.S. Court of International Trade ruling requiring it to explain how it found cause for anti-dumping duties on biodiesel from Argentina. 

In a recent filing with the court, the Commerce Department made “certain changes” to its calculations. 

However, the anti-dumping duty rates would remain the same for the two Argentine producers and exporters involved in the case. 

However, things could eventually be changed when it comes to imported biodiesel from Argentina. 

The Commerce Department is conducting a “changed circumstances review” that was requested by the Argentine government. 

Depending on what the review determines, it could potentially lead to lower countervailing duties on biodiesel imports from Argentina. 

The U.S. imported about $1.2 billion worth of biodiesel from Argentina in 2016, before duties were imposed in a case brought by the National Biodiesel Board and 15 domestic biodiesel producers.