Colorado U.S. Senators Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper recently reiterated their support for a fully functioning Bureau of Land Management headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado. 

The Democrats penned a letter to President Joe Biden touting the benefits of a fully-fledged headquarters on the Western Slope. 

Despite committing to move the headquarters to Colorado, the Department of the Interior assigned 41 senior staff positions to Grand Junction, many of which they rushed to fill at the end of 2020. 

Bennet has supported moving the BLM national headquarters West for years, commenting on the idea in August 2017. 

As Governor, Hickenlooper advocated for the BLM to move its headquarters and touted the economic benefits for the state. 

In July 2019, then-Secretary Bernhardt announced that the BLM headquarters would move to Grand Junction, and just over a year later the department signed an order formalizing the move. 

However, the Senators say, “Despite these important and symbolic steps, the Trump Administration did not follow through on their commitment to Grand Junction.”

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)