The Chinese government is looking closely at African Swine Fever prevention measures, even as it pushes farmers to restore hog production to achieve its intended targets. 

Reuters reports that despite improvement in China’s containment of ASF, it still will take some time to restore pork output from hog stocks. 

The agriculture ministry told local governments in a video conference that frequent transportation of piglets and breeding sows has raised the risk of more disease outbreaks. 

Because of that risk, the ministry asked local governments to conduct strict investigations into the transportation of animals and crack down on irregularities, which includes the sale of pigs that have died from ASF. 

China has reported several new cases of swine fever this month, mostly as a result of transporting animals across various provinces. 

The ag ministry has launched a 60-day investigation into illegal transporting of hogs. 

In the meantime, the ministry says, “Each region should speed up their under-construction projects and replenish stocks in their small-to-medium-sized farms.”