China is seeking more flexibility from the United States on promises made in the Phase One trade agreement. 

The agreement signed last month allows China and the U.S. to engage in dialog for changes “in the event that a natural disaster or other unforeseeable event” delays either country from complying with the trade deal. 

Bloomberg News reports China is expected to seek consultation on that basis, as the nation grapples with the coronavirus outbreak. 

China may have trouble meeting the requirements of the trade agreement if the virus continues to disrupt demand. 

China’s Foreign Ministry Monday also claimed that “The U.S. government hasn’t provided any substantive assistance to us.” 

Meanwhile, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control says its actions seek to stop the spread of the virus. 

The CDS warns more coronavirus cases are likely to be identified in the coming days, including more cases in the United States. 

It’s also likely that person-to-person spread will continue to occur.