China is working on opening up its market once again to U.S. exporters of DDGs. 

An Agri-Pulse report says China announced a list of companies that once again are eligible to export the product. 

U.S. companies don’t export DDGs to China at this point. 

However, negotiators fought hard to get China to agree in the Phase One Trade Agreement to re-certify U.S. producers to sell to their Chinese clients as trade will pick up once again between the two countries. 

China’s General Administration of Customs released a list of almost 90 companies that are eligible to export DDGs to the Asian country. 

At one time, China was the largest overseas market for U.S. DDGs. 

However, trade came to a stop after the Chinese government put steep anti-dumping tariffs and countervailing duties in place three years ago. 

Before that, the U.S. exported as much as $1.6 billion worth of DDGs to China as recently as 2015. 

One industry source tells Agri-Pulse that the fact that China agreed to re-certify U.S. DDG suppliers is a “key part” of getting trade going again. 

After all, the source says, “If you can’t get the permit, it won’t matter if there are no tariffs or up to 100 percent tariffs, which makes getting the certification so vital.”