The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is preparing to file a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The planned lawsuit alleges the EPA is failing to enforce the Clean Water Act. 

Following a 2009 lawsuit, a plan was implemented to establish a watershed-wide Total Maximum Daily Load, a limit on the pollution the Bay can withstand and remain healthy. 

CBF has been concerned about the lack of progress in reducing nitrogen pollution in Pennsylvania. 

That concern was heightened when Pennsylvania released its plan for reducing pollution between now and the 2025 deadline. 

The plan has a funding shortfall of more than $300 million annually, and falls 25 percent short of the nitrogen goal. 

CBF President William C. Baker claims, “agriculture is the largest source of pollution from Pennsylvania,” adding that while stakeholders have pledged to comply, the lawmakers have failed by not fulling funding the efforts. 

Without EPA holding Pennsylvania accountable, Baker says the state’s local waters and the Bay downstream “will never be saved.”