Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada’s beef and pork exports to China will resume, ending a four-month trade dispute with Beijing. 

Trudeau said earlier this week on Twitter that China has lifted the import ban it put in place earlier this year. “Good news for Canadian farmers today,” Trudeau tweeted. “Thanks to Ambassador Barton and the Canadian meat industry for their work on re-opening this important market for our meat producers and their families.” 

Farm Journal’s Ag Web Dot Com says the dispute began when China and Canada worked together and suspended all Canadian meat imports on June 25 after finding a forged delivery certificate on pork cargo, which was later confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. 

Rick Bergmann, Chair of the Canadian Pork Council, appreciates the efforts of government officials to help restore their access to the Chinese market. 

In July, the council said Canada had put out an action plan that addressed some of the Chinese concerns and was waiting for a response. 

China is an important market for Canadian producers. 

In 2018, Canada’s pork exports totaled just about $4 billion, with over $500 million going to China.