Amid the fallout of an eight-day CN Rail strike, Canada is facing similar propane woes as seen in the Midwest United States. 

Agriculture groups, along with the Canadian Propane Association, are asking for their products to take priority above other shipments as the railway works to get trains moving. 

However, the rail operator has stated no product would take priority. 

The Canadian Propane Association in a recent statement said, “the propane industry is now facing significant logistical challenges of getting the supply chain back to normal.” 

The strike occurred as harvest season ended and farmers, along with grain companies, seek to ship products. 

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture last week said the delays in rail service have resulted in significant costs for farmers. 

The group says the strike came at “the worst possible time” for farmers. 

However, the organization says, “we can express relief that a resolution was found, and these delays and losses are not continuing to mount.”