Legislation introduced this week would create a new office at the Department of Agriculture to connect food banks with farmers. 

The American Farms, Food banks and Families Act proposes to create a Domestic Agriculture Supply Chain Administrator to act as a liaison between food banks, grocers and nonprofit food distributors to expand market access for farmers. 

Introduced be Republican Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, the legislation ensures “the federal government is collaborating with local farmers, food banks, and distributors.” 

Loeffler says the bill would help families in need, assist farmers and create jobs. 

Kyle Waide, CEO of the Atlanta Community Food Bank, says the legislation “will help food insecure families across the country get the fresh food they desperately need.” 

The duties of the administrator include identifying legal and regulatory barriers that inhibit farmers from working directly with food distribution entities and convening members of the public and private sector to make recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture.

Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service