Bayer this week announced it will expand its vegetable seeds offerings under the Bayer umbrella to include organically produced seed. 

The launch will focus on certified organic production in three key crops for the greenhouse and glasshouse market, including tomato, sweet pepper and cucumber. These will be followed by tomato rootstock varieties in 2023. 

Bayer’s expanded portfolio is in direct response to increased customer need for high-quality organic seed. 

Global consumer demand for certified-organic products continues to grow and is predicted to drive market expansion. 

The global organic food seeds market was valued at 355 million in 2020 and is expected to grow to $480 million by 2025. 

The commercial launch for the new certified organic portfolio is planned for early 2022 and will focus on the high-growth organic markets of Canada, United States, Mexico, Spain and Italy with potential for future expansion based on market demand. 

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(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)