The American Veterinary Medical Association recently announced its support of the Healthy Dog Importation Act. 

The legislation seeks to ensure that dogs entering the United States do not pose a health risk to humans or other animals. 

Sponsored by three veterinarians in Congress, provisions of the act would give the U.S. Department of Agriculture new tools and authority to monitor and safeguard the health of dogs being imported, ensuring that dogs are in good health and not a risk to spread dangerous diseases that could impact animal and public health. 

AVMA President Dr. John Howe says, “For far too long, dogs have been entering the United States without proper inspection, increasing the risk of disease introduction and transmission.” 

Up to 1.2 million dogs are estimated to be imported into the United States each year. The legislation would require every dog entering the U.S. to have a certificate of veterinary inspection, as well as certification that the dog has all the required vaccinations as well as negative test results for illness.