The House Agriculture Committee heard from farm groups on challenges to the supply chain during a hearing Wednesday. 

The American Soybean Association and National Biodiesel Board also expressed concerns over labor and shipping, but say there is plenty of soy oil supplies for the food sector. 

ASA and NBB say food industry groups have waged claims that there’s a crunch on the supply of soy oil available when soy is crushed, and that foodservice cannot get enough edible oil for cooking because, those groups say, oil is being diverted to biodiesel and a growing renewable diesel market. 

ASA President Kevin Scott says, “There is currently not a soy oil supply shortage, nor is one envisioned by year-end, but there are in fact very real supply chain challenges impacting U.S. agriculture.” 

Those concerns include labor, barge shipments, ports and shipping containers, trucking and rail freight, fertilizer, chemical inputs, energy, equipment and parts, and water availability.

(Story Courtesy of NAFB News Service)