The benefits of U.S. ag exports to the American economy far exceed the value of shipments alone. 

The production, processing, storage, transportation, and marketing of farm and food products headed for the export market support a large number of jobs throughout the U.S. 

The USDA’s Economic Research Service says in 2020, U.S. agricultural exports supported the equivalent of more than 1.13 million jobs on and off the farm. 

With U.S. ag exports valued at more than $150 billion in 2020, every $1 billion in exports creates 7,550 jobs. 

Farm activities generated by U.S. exports – mainly crop and livestock production – supported a total of 439,500 jobs. 

Those jobs included labor provided by farm operators and their family members, hired farmworkers, and contract workers. 

Off the farm, exports supported 423,900 total jobs in the services, trade, and transportation industries. 

Food processing activities created 162,000 jobs, while other manufacturing activities like canning, packaging, and bottling provided 107,000 jobs.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)