Nearly 360,000 total tractors and combines left dealer lots in 2021 in North America. U.S. and Canadian unit sales of ag tractors and combines finished 2021 with gains of more than ten percent in nearly every segment in both countries. 

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers released the data this week that shows U.S. total farm tractor sales gained 0.3 percent for December compared to 2020, while combine sales for the month saw a gain of 25.3 percent. 

Those gains contributed to a total gain for the year of 10.3 percent for tractors, and 24.7 percent for combines. 

In Canada, tractors sales in December grew 10.5 percent, while combines fell 17.6 percent year-over-year. 

However, total sales for 2021 were up 19.4 percent for tractors, and up 23.1 percent for combines. 

AEM’s Curt Blades says, “Sales gains over an already-successful 2020 came despite the supply chain issues and workforce challenges that made 2021 a challenging year for manufacturers.”

(Story Courtesy of NAFB News Service)