The Association of Equipment Manufacturers will craft guidelines for industry exhibitions and events. 

The association recently formed a Health and Safety Task Force to guide its efforts in ensuring the well-being of exhibitors, attendees, industry peers, and AEM members and staff at association-run events. 

The task force will create a universal set of health and safety guidelines. The team will consider all touch points of every visitor group’s experience, vendor roles, implication to contracts, communication of practices to stakeholders, cost and revenue impact, as well as execution. 

The initial set of guidelines created by the Health and Safety Task Force will focus on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and minimizing the potential risk of infection for AEM staff and visitors. 

However, once the pandemic passes, the team will craft a revised set of guidelines for implementation at the appropriate time. 

The initial set of guidelines will be in place prior to AEM’s Product Safety & Compliance Seminar and Liability Seminar, scheduled this August in Illinois.