Retiring National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson said over the weekend that he’s worried about the future of the Commodity Credit Corporation. 

Because of the Trump Administration’s unprecedented use of the CCC to provide trade aid to farmers, Johnson worries that conservative and left-leaning critics of farm bills will work together during the next farm bill debate to end the CCC. 

The administration says it will defend the Commodity Credit Corporation if there are future attempts to abolish it because of the administration’s use of it to provide trade aid to farmers. 

The Hagstrom Report asked Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue about Johnson’s fears, to which Perdue replied, “I would hope that’s not the case.” 

He says the administration used the CCC for a valid reason. “We are hopeful it won’t lead to that,” Perdue said after speaking to NFU members. “We will be willing to defend that.” 

The Trump Administration provided $28 billion in trade aid for farmers over two years, with the president tweeting recently that they would provide another round of aid if it becomes necessary this year. 

While Perdue says farmers shouldn’t plan on another round of trade aid, he also said the president is committed to getting farmers through this period.