The 2020 federal grazing fee, determined annually through a Congressionally mandated formula, will be $1.35 per animal unit months. 

The 2019 grazing fee was $1.35 per animal unit months. 

The fee applies to approximately 6,200 permits administered by the U.S. Forest Service for the western United States National Forests and Grasslands. 

To help simplify the federal system for the benefit of grazing permittees, regulators will use the one grazing fee for the National Forests in the West and all the National Grasslands. 

For the Forest Service, the per head month is defined as a month’s use and occupancy of range by one weaned or adult cow with or without calf, bull, steer, heifer, horse, burro, or mule, or five sheep or goats. 

The grazing fee is calculated based on the average annual change in beef cattle prices, leasing rates for grazing on private land in the western states, and the costs of livestock production. 

The fee applies to 17 Western states on public lands administered by the Forest Service.