Ariel Omar Becerra Morales, Weslaco, Texas: petty misdemeanor speed 60 zone 73/60, fees and fines $135.
Jodi Kay Bunting, Redwood Falls: petty misdemeanor hands-free law – engage in cellular phone or video call, fees and fines $135.
Shea Mary Pedersen, Tracy: petty misdemeanor hands-free law – initiate / compose / send / retrieve / read electronic message, fees and fines $135.
Kadin Joshua Seeman, Arlington: 1) misdemeanor under 21 possessing alcohol, fees and fines $185 2) petty misdemeanor marijuana in motor vehicle (owner / driver / passenger <=1.4 grams), fees and fines $50. 3) petty misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, fees and fines $50.
Justin Daniel Vanacker, Redwood Falls: misdemeanor MN annual inspection decal violation, fees and fines $185.
Eric Ray Maasch, Wabasso: petty misdemeanor parking after 10 p.m. during snow emergency, fees and fines $32.
Jerome Joseph Schoen, Redwood Falls: misdemeanor drugs – possess over 1.4 grams marijuana in motor vehicle, local confinement 20 days, stayed 20 days for one year, unsupervised probation six months, fees and fines $285.
Deanna Christen Columbus, Redwood Falls: misdemeanor unlicense animal, unsupervised probation three months.
Robert Jeramiah Dow-Hilliard, Morton: petty misdemeanor drugs – possess / sale small amount of marijuana – no renumeration, fees and fines $135.
David Francis Stillo, Sacred Heart: 1) gross misdemeanor drivers licenses – driving restrictions – alcohol / controlled substance violations, local confinement 365 days, stayed 364 days for two years, supervised probation two years, fees and fines $385. 2) misdemeanor traffic – DWI – operate motor vehicle under influence of alcohol, local confinement 90 days, stay 89 days for one year, supervised probation one year.