Ag groups like the National Corn Growers Association celebrated Earth Day last week by reminding its members to commit to improving the environment. 

“Leaving the world in better shape than we found it” is a part of policy upheld by U.S. corn farmers. 

The group encouraged corn farmers to review their best-management practices, consider planting a pollinator habitat, fill their gas tanks with cleaner-burning ethanol blends, and maximize their nutrient applications. 

Growth Energy says Earth Day is especially important given the administration lifted the restrictions on summertime E15 sales. 

“We can’t get to net-zero emissions without biofuels,” says Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. 

“Biofuels like ethanol reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 46 percent compared to gasoline. They’re an accessible, plant-based fuel source that can immediately help improve air quality alongside other clean energy solutions.” 

The group says a nationwide E15 standard could reduce carbon emissions by more than 17.6 million tons.

(Story Courtesy of the NAFB News Service)