The BOLD School District has hired Maple Grove-based Nexus Solutions to work with the district as they try again to address school district building needs.

In February of 2021 a referendum to build a new K-12 school in Olivia failed, the latest building issue to be rejected by district voters. The school district recently closed the 104-year-old Bird Island School, and the BOLD building in Olivia was built in 1922 and has infrastructure issues.

In September the school board voted to terminate their relationship with Minneapolis Based ICS consulting, whom they worked with leading up to the February 2021 vote. Last week Superintendent Jim Menton said the board voted to sign-on with Nexus

Menton says Nexus will also take a deep dive into the district’s facilities needs. He says the board wants to make sure all the voices of the community are heard.

The action follows a recommendation by a district facilities committee that included both school board and community members.

(JP Cola, KWLM)