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As blizzard rages, Windom bar owner thanks Gov. Walz for allowing outdoor dining

Duffy’s Bar & Grill co-owner Will Broers hangs out on the patio as a blizzard rages around him

As a blizzard raged all around him on Wednesday, a Windom bar owner thanked Governor Walz for allowing restaurants to be open for outdoor dining only.

Duffy’s Bar & Grill co-owner Will Broers lounged in a chair on the bar’s patio Wednesday, clutching a cold beer in one hand and rested his flip flop-clad foot on his bare leg as he spoke to customers via a social media video. Snow swirled around Broers as he invited patrons for drinks on the deck, promising to clear the developing snowdrifts before customers arrived.

Minnesota bars and restaurants are allowed to open only for outdoor dining, a restriction put in place by Governor Tim Walz earlier this December. Broers sent a tongue-in-cheek thanks to the governor, for allowing the bar to remain open for outdoor service as wind chills settled in at 10 degrees below zero.

The bar announced on Facebook about two hours later they would shut down early due to “the lack of people who accepted my invitation to sit outside for a beer.”

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