The following is a summary of the County Board meeting held March 3, 2020:
 Approved the revised agenda; February 18 th minutes; bills.
 Approved CUP #3-20 filed by Southern MN Sugar Beet Cooperative for the construction of a new piling slab,
access roads, scale and scale house.
 Awarded the purchase of trees and shrubs for Plum Creek Park to Redwood Falls Nursery in the amount of
$7,186.85, to be paid with grant funds.
 Approved Road & Bridge bills.
 Authorized Engineer to advertise for 2020 Construction projects.
 Approved allocation of $22,700 of excess 2019 EDA budget funds for the Broadband initiative.
 Approved the Redwood County Business Development Grant Program for 2020.
 Approved KnowB4 training for 3 years in the amount of $6,770.74.
 Approved Barracuda Email Filter with virtual server in the amount of $4,998.36 yearly.
 Awarded the construction of a communications tower at the Sheriff’s office to Sabre Industries in the amount of
 Directed Gewerth to repair area of the floor that is heaving in the Government Center.
 Tabled the Easement Agreement for the 115.09 Acre Parcel for road and test well access to the March
17, 2020 Board Meeting.
 Tabled the Easement Agreement for the former Highway Shop for the driveway to the March 17, 2020
Board Meeting.
 Approved the 2020 budget correction to include Primewest of $1,665,015.00.
 Approved to hire Matthew Mumme as FT Ditch and Ag Technician effective March 9, 2020 at Grade 10, Step 5
of the AFSCME Salary Schedule at $21.39/hour.
 Approved to reinstate the Highway Maintenance Superintendent position.
 Approved to compensate the Building Maintenance Supervisor hourly pay at straight time for snow removal done
during weekends and holidays.
 Rescinded the motion to add a three year retention incentive for the Assistant County Attorney position.
 Approved to set the Assistant County Attorney Grade from 16 to 18.
 The commissioners reported on meetings they attended.
 The Board recessed at 11:55 a.m. and entered into a work session at 1:00 p.m. to discuss the Court Security
 Discussion held on right of way encroachment procedure with City of Redwood Falls for installation of a
proposed tunnel in the Courthouse Security Project.
 Adjourned at 1:40 p.m.