Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing along with Governor Walz’s “Stay at Home Order”, the format for the 2020 Local Board of Appeal and Equalization meetings scheduled to begin April 1st have been changed to conference calls.  This will give Redwood County Property Owners, Township and City Board Members the opportunity to convene and hold their meetings by telephone.  The attachment is a list of meeting dates, phone numbers and Meeting ID’s that property owners will need to join their township or city meeting.   Once they join their specified meeting, they can discuss their concern or issue with their local board, related to their 2020 assessment or valuation.

The majority of the meetings will be handled using Zoom and there are several numbers available for the property owners to call to get connected to their meeting.  The exceptions are City of Revere and Vesta Township, as they only have one number to call in on.   The City of Redwood Falls has not yet provided us with their information so that will be supplied at a later date.

Please add this to your list of changes due to COVID 19.  If you are able, please remind property owners of their meeting time, phone numbers and meeting ID number a day or so ahead of each days scheduled meetings.

The list of 2020 Local Board of Appeal and Equalization meetings is available on the Redwood County Website on the Assessor’s Department page.