The City of Redwood Falls Unified Development Ordinance requires that property owners meet basic safety requirements for the children of our community when locating a swimming pool on their property. These standards are established in Section 7.20 of the ordinance.
These standards apply to all private swimming pools, both above the ground and in the ground, that are capable of holding water at a depth of more than 24″ and have a capacity of 1,000 gallons or more:
  1. The pool is not allowed to be operated as a business or private club, except when allowed as a permitted home occupation.
  2. The pool, including any related walks, paved areas, or other structures, shall not be located in a front yard, and must be set back at least five (5) feet from any property line.
  3. The pool, or the rear yard the pool sits in, or the entire property where the pool is located, shall be enclosed by a wall or fence or combination thereof which is at least four (4) feet in height.
  4. Required fencing shall be constructed of durable wood, chain linked, masonry, or metal, and shall be designed to discourage climbing. Walls from the principal or accessory structure may contribute to enclosure requirements.
  5. Required fencing must be equipped with a self-closing gate capable of being secured with a lock to prevent uncontrolled access by children from the street or adjacent properties. Any exterior release mechanism shall not be located less than 45 inches from grade. If the access to the pool is through a principal or accessory structure, that point of entry must be made lockable.
  6. In the case of aboveground pools, pool sides that are vertical or slanted outward and 48″ in height may contribute to required fencing, provided all points of access are controlled to prevent access by children, including the removal or securing of all ladders, stairs, or other climbable structures or equipment whenever the pool is not in use.
  7. A hard cover capable of being locked, shall be exempt from the fencing requirements, provided the cover is locked at all times during periods of non-use. All such covers must be designed and listed for this use.
  8. Hot tubs or spas with approved locking safety covers meeting industry standards shall be exempt from the fencing requirements, provided the cover is locked at all times during periods of non-use.
If you have questions on whether a pool you already own or are intending to purchase complies with the ordinance, please contact the Redwood Falls Police Department at 507-637-4005 or Redwood Falls City Hall at 507-616-7400.