WHEREAS, On May 22, 2022 Minnesota Statutes § 340A.404 and § 340A.410, regulating temporary on-sale liquor licenses and temporary liquor licenses were amended;

WHEREAS, the City Council finds it appropriate and necessary to amend § 5.52 of the Redwood Falls City Code of Ordinances, regulating temporary liquor licenses, to make it consistent with the changes to Minnesota Statute and to require financial responsibility and insurance only for those temporary liquor licenses issued for use on City owned premises.


           SECTION 1. That Redwood Falls City Code of Ordinances, Chapter 5, § 5.52, shall be amended to read as follows:


Subd. 1.  License Authorized. Notwithstanding any provision of the City Code to the contrary, the Council may issue a license for the temporary on-sale of liquor in connection with a social event sponsored by the licensee. The license may provide that the licensee may contract with the holder of a full-year on-sale license, issued by the city, for liquor catering services.

Subd. 2.  Applicant. The applicant for a license under this section must be a club or charitable, religious or other non-profit organization in existence for at least three years.

Subd. 3.  Terms and Conditions of License.

A.   No license is valid until approved by the Commissioner.

B.    No license shall be issued for more than four consecutive days, except as provided for county fairs in subdivision 4 of this section.

C.    Notwithstanding the exceptions found in paragraph D of this subdivision, if a social event is to be held on publicly owned property, Nno (temporary) license shall issue until the city is furnished with written proof that the licensee has dram shop coverage in the amount provided for in this chapter and that the coverage is in force on the premises where liquor is to be served.

D.   All licenses issued under this section and licensees are subject to all provisions of statutes and the City Code relating to liquor sale and licensing except those relating to financial responsibility and insurance, and except those which by their nature are not applicable.

E.    Licenses may authorize sales on premises other than those owned or permanently occupied by the licensee.

Subd. 4.  County Fair. In addition to the temporary licenses authorized in subdivisions 1 through 3 of this section, pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 340A.410, subd. 10 as amended from time to time, a municipality may issue one seven-day temporary license per year to a county agricultural society established under Minnesota Statutes § 38.01, for alcoholic beverage sales at a county fair.

           SECTION 2. Effective Date. This Ordinance becomes effective from and after its passage.