1. Call to Order

Virtual Board Meeting Instructions for those attending remotely:
Roll Call

8:30 AM 2. Public Health (Sara Benson)

A. Public Health Grants & Survey Update

8:40 AM 3. GIS (Nick Kuntz)

A. Renville County GIS Hub
8:50 AM 4. Drainage (Seth Sparks)
A. Grass Strip Buffer Update
9:00 AM 5. Public Works (Jeff Marlowe)
A. Update: Road & Bridge
B. Purchase Order 7038 Minnesota Paving and Materials
C. Award SAP 065-602-022, SAP 065-608-014 and CP 2021-06 to the low
responsible bid
9:15 AM 6. Sheriff (Scott Hable)

A. Jail Report – August 2021
B. Resolution 22-21 JPA – Criminal Justice Data Network (CJDN) Access
C. Resolution 23-21 JPA – MN Financial Crimes Task Force
D. Jail Staffing Discussion
10:00 AM 7. Human Resources (Lisa Neutgens)

A. Human Resource Actions

10:05 AM 8. EDA (Jordan Zeller)

A. Resolution No. 19-21 HRA/EDA Levy for 2022

10:10 AM 9. Finance (Karrie Jansen)

A. 2022 Preliminary Budget Review
10. Administration
A. Approve Purchase of Service for Community Mental Health Supports
B. Approve Telecommuting Policy
C. Employee Reimbursements
11. Reports