1. Call to Order
Virtual Board Meeting Instructions for those attending remotely:
A. Roll Call
B. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Agenda Additions and/or corrections
3. Sheriff
A. Deputy Sheriff Oath – Braydon Ortloff
B. Purchase Order 7219 – Guardian Fleet Safety
4. Minutes Approval
A. Board of Commissioners – Regular Meeting – Oct 11, 2022 8:30 AM
5. Recess for Drainage Authority Meeting
6. Wellness
A. Contractor Agreement with K. Madsen Consulting
7. Recorder
A. Purchase order 7221 for ArcaSearch
B. Approve Revisions to Landshark
8. Environmental Services
A. DSI Don Solar LLC (Schroeder, Mary Ann et al) – CUP (Solar Energy Conversion
B. Snowmobile Grant-In-Aid Program – FY 2023 Maintenance and Grooming
C. Lake Allie ESSD – 2023 Agreement to Provide Services (Jerome Schueller)
D. Lake Allie ESSD – 2023 Budget
9. Public Works
A. 2023 SAP 065-621-021 (CSAH 21 from CSAH 11 to Kandiyohi County) Right
of Way Cost Discussion
10. Human Resources
A. Accept Resignation of County Auditor-Treasurer
B. Human Resource Actions
11. Administration
A. Approval of Claims
B. Approve 2023 Medical Insurance Rates and Contributions
12. Reports
13. Adjournment