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Agenda for the Oct. 13 Renville County Board meeting




AGENDA ● OCTOBER 13, 2020 

Renville County Government Services Center 

Board Room 8:30 AM 105 South 5th Street, Suite 313 

Olivia, MN 56277 

MISSION STATEMENT: Renville County’s Mission is to keep and enhance the quality of life for our  family of citizens through services, stewardship of resources, and shared responsibility. 

ACCESSIBILITY: Renville County meetings are accessible to all. Please contact the Administration  Office at 320-523-3710 to arrange for any necessary accommodations. 

  1. Call to Order 

Under Minnesota Statute 13D.021 the County Board has made a determination  that an in-person meeting is not practical or prudent because of a health pandemic,  and an emergency has been declared under chapter 12. The physical meeting  location (Board Room) is closed because it is not feasible to be open due to the  health pandemic. This meeting will be conducted via video teleconference due to  COVID-19 concerns 

Virtual Meeting Instructions: A. Roll Call 

  1. Pledge of Allegiance 
  2. Employee Service Award 
  3. Introduction of New Employee 

Lisa Meints – Deputy Auditor/Treasurer 

  1. Agenda Additions and/or corrections 
  2. Minutes Approval 
  3. Board of Commissioners – Regular Meeting – Sep 22, 2020 8:30 AM 
  4. Human Services 
  5. Yellow Medicine East Transportation Agreement 20-80 
  6. Adult Mental Health CY’s 21-22 CSP Contract 
  7. CARES Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) 
  8. Case Activity Report – Social Services 
  9. Case Activity Report-Social Services

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Agenda Board of Commissioners October 13, 2020 

  1. Statement of Revenues and Expenditures (Qtr. 3) 
  2. Information Items 
  3. Emergency Management 
  4. Ratify Letter Requesting State Assistance with July Storm Damage 
  5. Public Health 
  6. School Health Contracts 
  7. Ratify Contracts for Mental Health Services in Schools 
  8. Public Works 
  9. Purchase Order 6904 Minnesota Paving and Materials 
  10. Agreement 2020-4 with Twin Cities & Western RailRoad to Replace the Railroad  Crossing on CSAH 6 
  11. PO # 6910 – Ziegler Cat 
  12. Olivia Hospital & Clinic 
  13. Memorandum of Lease with HealthPartners RC 
  14. Adopt Resolution 41-20 for Transfer of Land to EDA 
  15. Assessor 
  16. Adopt Resolution 42-20 Reappointing County Assessor 
  17. Approve Assessment Agreements with Cities and Townships 
  18. Human Resources 
  19. Human Resource Items 
  20. Approve Education Agreement with Chandra Ebbers 

10:30 AM 11. Drainage Authority Meeting at 10:30 am. 

11:15 AM 12. Court (Judge Stratton)  

  1. Court Update from Judge Stratton 

11:30 AM 13. Finance 

  1. 11:30 am GO Capital Improvement Bond Sale – Resolution 43-20 
  2. SpyGlass Telephone Audit 
  3. Administration 
  4. Approve 2021 Medical Insurance Rates and Contributions

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Agenda Board of Commissioners October 13, 2020 

  1. Addendum to CMJTS Lease Agreement 
  2. Change to December Board Meeting Schedule 
  3. Employee Service Awards 
  4. Approval of Claims 
  5. Reports 
  6. Adjournment 

County Board Monthly Meeting Schedule (subject to change): 

First Tuesday: Work Session (no action taken) 

Second Tuesday: Regular Board Meeting 

Third Tuesday: Work Session (no action taken) 

Fourth Tuesday: Drainage Authority (as needed) and Regular Board Meeting *Meetings and work sessions typically being at 8:30 a.m. 

In accordance with Renville County’s Board Agenda Procedures and Rules of Business, “Any Board  meeting attendee may be asked to cease their comments, sit down, or leave the premises for not  following respectful meeting decorum.” 

Members of the Renville County Board may gather for lunch in Olivia after the regular meeting. This is a  purely social event. The County Board will not discuss or receive information on official business during  this social event. 

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