1. Call to Order  

Under Minnesota Statute 13D.021 the County Board has made a  

determination that an in-person meeting is not practical or prudent because  

of a health pandemic, and an emergency has been declared under chapter  

  1. The physical meeting location (Board Room) is closed because it is not  

feasible to be open due to the health pandemic. This meeting will be  

conducted via video teleconference due to COVID-19 concerns. 

Virtual Board Meeting Instructions:  


 Roll Call  

8:30 AM 2. COVID-19 Update  

  1. COVID-19 Update 

8:40 AM 3. Emergency Management (Mike Hennen)  

  1. 2020 Emergency Management Performance Grant 
  2. 2020 Emergency Management Performance Grant-Supplemental 

8:50 AM 4. Auditor/Treasurer (Marc Iverson)  

  1. St. Mary’s Preservation Association of Bechyn Gambling Permit 

8:55 AM 5. IT (Kyle Schlomann)  

  1. IT Update 

9:05 AM 6. Public Works (Jeff Marlowe)  

  1. Update: Road & Bridge 
  2. Award SAP 065-599-081, 065-599-084, 065-599-085 & 065-599-086


  1. Memorandum of Agreement Pursuant to Section 106 for SAP 065-603-014 &  SP 008-608-041 
  2. Purchase Order 6987 (Vosika Portable Toilet Rental & Sewer Service) 9:30 AM 7. Attorney (David Torgelson)  
  3. County Attorney’s Office Monthly Update 
  4. Administration  
  5. Approve Retainer Agreement with Taft Law for Property Tax Appeal 
  6. Approve Out of State Travel for Commissioner Bob Fox 
  7. Approve Contract with Alexandria Technical College for Staff Training D. SpyGlass Telecommunications Audit 
  8. Review Commissioner Claims 
  9. Reports