8:30 a.m. 

Call to Order: Pledge of Allegiance 

Open Forum 

Review and approve May 21st meeting agenda. 

Identification of Conflict of Interest 

Review and approve Consent Agenda: 

 -May 7th Minutes 


 -Per Diem for Approval- Van Hee 

8:30 a.m. 


Jean Price 

1) Review and Approve the Consent Agenda 

– Cash Balance Report 

– Investment Summary 

– Budget Report: General Fund; Road and Bridge; Building; Human  

Services; Ditch; Health; Debt Service; Insurance; Solid Waste; Soil and Water  Conservation District Fund 

-April 2024 Disbursements  

8:35 a.m. 


Anthony Sellner 

1) 2025 Snowplow Truck Purchase  

2) 2026 Snowplow Truck Purchase 

3) Snowplow Truck Equipment Purchase 

4) Declare Excess Snowplow Trucks 

5) Purchase 2025 and 2026 Pickup Trucks 

6) Declare Excess Pickup Trucks 

7) MnDOT Contract No. 1054212 for Goldmine Bridge 

8) Resolution MnDOT Contract No. 1054212 for Goldmine Bridge



1) Farmfest Sponsorship Letter of Agreement 

9:15 a.m. 


Jason Jacobson 

1) K9 Echo Introduction 

2) Jail Population April 2024 

Personnel Action Items: 

1) Assistant County Attorney Salary adjustment 

2) Resignation 

3) Resignation 

4) New Hire 

5) New Hire 

Commissioner Items: 

SW MN Adult Mental Health Consortium funding request- Chair Salfer Extension Department Staffing- Chair Salfer 

 Commissioner’s Reports