8:30 a.m. 

STATUTORY MEETING – (M.S. §375.07) “The Board shall meet at the County Seat for the transaction of business on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January.” AUDITOR-TREASURER– to call the statutory meeting to order 

Pledge of Allegiance 

AUDITOR-TREASURER – to request nominations for 2022 Chairperson of the Board NEWLY ELECTED CHAIR – to request nominations for the 2022 Vice-Chair of the Board 

8:30 a.m.  

Open Forum** 

Review and approve January 4th meeting agenda 

Identification of Conflict of Interest 

Review and approve Consent Agenda:  

-December 28th minutes 



8:35 a.m. 


1) Authorize the Board Chair to act on behalf of Redwood County in case of emergencies 2) Officially adopt Roberts Rules of Order as the County Board meeting procedural guide 

8:40 a.m. 


1) Notice of filing for the Auditor/Treasurer position for the 2022 election year 2) Notice of filing for the Recorder position for the 2022 election year 

8:45 a.m. 


Anthony Sellner 

1) Authorization to Pay Bills 

2) Authorization for Highway Engineer to Pay Miscellaneous Permit Fees in 2022 3) Authorization to Advertise for the 2022 CSAH 63 Reconstruction Project 

4) Out of State Travel Request 

9:05 a.m. 


Scott Wold 

1) Authorization to Purchase Truck for Ditch Department

Agenda Page 2 of 2 Board of Commissioners 

January 4, 2022 

9:10 a.m. 


Briana Mumme 

1) CDBG-CV Broadband Development Grant Options 

2) Long Term Care Facilities – ARP Funding Consideration 

3) Southwest Regional Development Commission Funding Request 

9:30 a.m. 


1) Resolution adopting Depository Designation 

2) Resolution to Use Website Advertisement for Transportation Project Bids 3) Resolution Designating the Redwood Gazette as the Official Newspaper for Redwood  County in 2022 

4) Resolution Setting Elected Officials Minimum Salary 

5) Summit Inspection Service Agreement (pending County Attorney approval) 


1) Vaccine Mandate Policy 

9:40 a.m. 


1) Proposed Roster of the County Board – 2022 Committee Appointments 

Other Items – No Scheduled Time: 

Commissioner’s Items:  

Commissioners’ Reports