1. Additional Changes: 8 am start time, updated Board meeting schedule, additional changes to fee schedule, and a change to the wellness worksite incentive program noting contributions will be made in January of 2024.
  2. Call to Order  

Virtual Board Meeting Instructions for those attending remotely:  


 Roll Call  

9:00 AM 2. Public Health (Sara Benson)  

  1. Approve out of state travel for Sam Best, PHEP Coordinator, to attend 2023  NACCHO Preparedness Summi 

9:05 AM 3. Emergency Management (Mike Hennen  

  1. Emergency Management Update 
  2. Region 5 2022 SHSP Grant 

9:20 AM 4. Human Resources (Lisa Neutgens)  

  1. Human Resource Actions 

9:25 AM 5. Administration  

  1. Employee Reimbursements 
  2. Review of Commissioner Per Diem Policy 
  3. Addition of Bilingual Pay Compensation to Personnel Policy 
  4. Reports