1. Call to Order

Under Minnesota Statute 13D.021 the County Board has made a
determination that an in-person meeting is not practical or prudent because
of a health pandemic, and an emergency has been declared under chapter
12. The physical meeting location (Board Room) is closed because it is not
feasible to be open due to the health pandemic. This meeting will be
conducted via video teleconference due to COVID-19 concerns.
Virtual Meeting Instructions:
Roll Call

8:30 AM 2. Recess for Drainage Authority Special Meeting
8:50 AM 3. COVID Update
A. COVID-19 Update
4. Public Health (Jill Bruns)
A. Purchase Order 6952 Supporting Hands Nurse Family Partnership

9:05 AM 5. Finance (Karrie Jansen)
A. 2020 Donations

9:10 AM 6. Environmental Services (Diane Mitchell)
A. Water Management Update
9:40 AM 7. Restorative Justice (Andrew Peltz)
A. 2020 Restorative Justice Review
10:00 AM 8. Medical Examiner (Dr. Quinn Strobl)
A. 2020 Medical Examiner’s Report
10:10 AM 9. Sheriff (Scott Hable)

A. Jail Report – December 2020
10:20 AM 10. Public Works (Jeff Marlowe)
A. Update: Road & Bridge
B. Purchase Order # 6943 (Weelborg Ford of Redwood Falls)
C. Review CSAH 5 Landslide Report & Repair Options
D. Resolution 3-21: Sponsor LRIP Project for the City of Fairfax
E. Discuss 5-Year Construction Plan & LRIP Project Applications
11. Administration
A. 2020 Public Surplus Auctions
B. Employee Reimbursements
C. Updated Commissioner Claim Form
12. Reports
County Board Monthly Meeting