MISSION STATEMENT: Renville County’s Mission is to keep and enhance the quality of life for our family
of citizens through services, stewardship of resources, and shared responsibility.
ACCESSIBILITY: Renville County meetings are accessible to all. Please contact the Administration Office
at 320-523-3710 to arrange for any necessary accommodations.
1. Call to Order

Virtual Board Meeting Instructions for those attending remotely:
Roll Call

8:30 AM 2. Public Health (Sara Benson)
A. COVID-19 Update
B. Purchase Order – SHNFP program
C. Approve RCPH to complete Adult Health Survey through Wilder Research in
8:50 AM 3. I.T. (Kyle Schlomann)

A. PO 7261 MNCCC MN Counties Computer Cooperative

8:55 AM 4. Sheriff (Scott Hable)

A. Jail Report – December 2022
B. Out of State Training – Sheriff’s Office
C. Resolution 02-23 Donation Acceptance – RCSO K9 Program
D. Purchase Order 7266 – BLRR Drug Task Force

9:15 AM 5. Human Resources (Lisa Neutgens)
A. Human Resource Actions

9:20 AM 6. Finance

A. 2022 Renville County Donations
7. Administration

A. 2022 Public Surplus Auction Overview
B. Employee Reimbursements
C. Agreement for Labor Attorney Services
8. Reports
9. Payroll system training for Commissioners will immediately follow the Work Session.