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Agenda for the Feb. 4 Renville County Board meeting

1. Call to Order
Roll Call
8:30 AM 2. Drainage (Seth Sparks)
A. CD 77 Update
B. Drainage System Inspections
C. Purchase of Pipe Trailer for Drainage
9:00 AM 3. Auditor/Treasurer (Marc Iverson)

A. Motion to designate 2 County Commissioners to serve on County Board of

9:10 AM 4. Public Health (Jill Bruns)

A. Purchase Order 6790, 2020 Flu Vaccine Order

9:20 AM 5. Public Works (Jeff Marlowe)
A. Update: Road & Bridge
B. SP 065-070-009, SP 065-070-010 & CP 2019-01 Final Acceptance
C. Award SAP 065-599-077 to the Low Responsible Bid
D. Resolution 6-20 to Approve Right of Way Plat 20-01

9:45 AM 6. Sheriff (Scott Hable)

A. Resolution 5-20, Donation Acceptance – MN Valley ATV Riders
B. MN DHS Grant – Fraud Prevention Investigation
10:00 AM 7. Economic Development Authority (Jordan Zeller)

A. EDA Update

10:15 AM 8. Environmental Services (Scott Refsland)
A. Public Nuisance Ordinance – Amendment

10:45 AM 9. Human Resources (Lisa Neutgens)
A. Human Resource Actions
10:55 AM 10. Finance (Karrie Jansen)

A. Renville County Credit Cards
B. Renville County Cash Balances 12-31-2019
C. January-December 2019 Revenue-Expenditure Budget Report
11. Administration
A. Employee Reimbursements
12. Reports

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