MISSION STATEMENT: Renville County’s Mission is to keep and enhance the quality of life for our family  of citizens through services, stewardship of resources, and shared responsibility. 

ACCESSIBILITY: Renville County meetings are accessible to all. Please contact the Administration Office  at 320-523-3710 to arrange for any necessary accommodations. 

  1. Call to Order  

Under Minnesota Statute 13D.021 the County Board has made a  

determination that an in-person meeting is not practical or prudent because  

of a health pandemic, and an emergency has been declared under chapter  

  1. The physical meeting location (Board Room) is closed because it is not  

feasible to be open due to the health pandemic. This meeting will be  

conducted via video teleconference due to COVID-19 concerns. 

Virtual Meeting Instructions:  


 Roll Call  

8:30 AM 2. COVID-19 Update  

  1. COVID-19 Update 

8:40 AM 3. Recorder (Laurie Abrahamson)  

  1. Recorder’s Office Update 

8:50 AM 4. Drainage (Tiffany Hansen)  

  1. Amend and approve proposed 2021 Ditch Assessments 

9:00 AM 5. Public Works (Jeff Marlowe)  

  1. Update: Road & Bridge 

9:15 AM 6. Finance (Karrie Jansen)  

  1. Renville County Cash Balances 12-31-2020 
  2. January-December 2020 Revenue-Expenditure Budget Report 

9:35 AM 7. Human Resources (Lisa Neutgens)  

  1. Human Resource Actions

9:40 AM 8. Attorney (David Torgelson)  

  1. County Attorney’s Office Monthly Update 
  2. Administration  
  3. Review Commissioner Claims 
  4. Employee Reimbursements 
  5. NACo 2021 Virtual Legislative Conference 
  6. Reports