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Agenda for the Dec. 9 Renville County Board meeting

1. Call to Order

Virtual Board Meeting Instructions for those attending remotely:
Roll Call

2:00 PM 2. Recess for Drainage Authority Meeting
2:10 PM 3. Public Health (Sara Benson)
A. RAPAD Update
2:25 PM 4. Sheriff (Scott Hable)

A. Purchase Order 7084- Independent Emergency Services
B. Discussion – Deputy Staffing
2:50 PM 5. Environmental Services (Scott Refsland)

A. MPCA County Feedlot Program – Delegation Agreement Work Plan (Years:
2022 – 2023)
3:00 PM 6. I.T. (Kyle Schlomann)

A. Approve Updated TriMin Professional Services Contract

3:05 PM 7. Public Works (Jeff Marlowe)
A. Update: Road & Bridge
B. Review Construction Costs for SAP 065-601-013 (Construct Bridge 64586 on
CSAH 1 over the MN River)
C. PO 7078 Park Highway Signs
D. Final Acceptance SAP 065-639-003 Everstrong Construction Inc

E. Final Acceptance SAP 065-599-082 Everstrong Construction Inc
F. Purchase Order # 7070 (DLT Solutions, LLC)
G. Purchase Order 7083 (Weltsch Equipment, Inc.)
8. Human Resources (Lisa Neutgens)
A. Human Resource Actions
9. Administration
A. Review 2022 Draft Fee Schedule
B. Review 2022 Open Committee Positions
C. Adopt Resolution 31-21 Approving Opioid Settlement
D. Review of Lease Agreement with Olivia Police Department
E. Review Commissioner Claims
F. Employee Reimbursements
10. Reports

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