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Agenda for the Dec. 15 Renville County Board meeting

1. Call to Order

Under Minnesota Statute 13D.021 the County Board has made a determination
that an in-person meeting is not practical or prudent because of a health pandemic,
and an emergency has been declared under chapter 12. The physical meeting
location (Board Room) is closed because it is not feasible to be open due to the
health pandemic. This meeting will be conducted via video teleconference due to
COVID-19 concerns
Virtual Meeting Instructions:
Roll Call
2. COVID-19 Update
A. COVID-19 Update
8:45 AM 3. Auditor/Treasurer (Marc Iverson)

A. Purchase Order # 6934 to ES&S for November General Election Coding
B. Consider Partial Refund of Liquor License Fees with CARES Funds

9:00 AM 4. Recess for Special Drainage Meeting
9:25 AM 5. Public Works (Jeff Marlowe)
A. Update: Road & Bridge
B. Resolution 53-20: SAP 065-603-014 DNR Easement

9:45 AM 6. Sheriff (Scott Hable)

A. Jail Report – November 2020
10:00 AM 7. Environmental Services (Diane Mitchell)

A. Northern States Power Company dba Xcel Energy, Inc. – CUP (Transmission

B. Cascade LLC (Skalbeck Trust, Gloria M.) – Conditional Use Permit (Solar Energy
Conversion System)
10:40 AM 8. Finance (Karrie Jansen)

A. 2020 Fund Transfer-Wheelage Tax
B. 2020 Fund Transfer-Debt Service to Capital Projects
C. 2021 Bank Accounts Checking/Payroll
D. 2021 County Depositories/Custodian Pledged Security
E. Resolution 52-20 Authorizing Electronic Fund Transfers in 2021

11:00 AM 9. Human Resources (Lisa Neutgens)
A. Human Resource Actions
B. Approve Final Personnel Policy Manual
10. Administration
A. Review 2021 Draft Fee Schedule
B. 2021 Environmental Assessment
C. Employee Reimbursements
D. Review Commissioner Claims
11. Reports

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