Biofuel Industry, Farm Groups, Criticize EPA RFS Volume Proposal

Farm groups Wednesday criticized the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal for the 2020 Renewable Fuel Standards and the 2021 Biomass-based Diesel Volumes. The proposal does not include exempted biofuels through small refiner waivers. 

The groups claim the targets are misleading because of the many waivers issued by the EPA during the Trump administration, with more expected. During a field hearing in Michigan, Kurt Kovarik of the National Biodiesel Board told the EPA the agency is “failing its duty to ensure that the annual required volume obligations are met.” 

Meanwhile, National Corn Growers Association board member John Linder pressed the agency to move forward with a stronger RFS rule that “supports America’s farmers, their rural communities, and consumers.” 

Growth Energy also testified, stating, “If EPA is going to waive billions of gallons, it must properly account for those gallons in the RVO calculation.” 

Under the EPA proposal, conventional ethanol would hold steady at 15 billion gallons. Biodiesel targets, which are set two years in advance, were proposed at 2.43 billion gallons for 2021.

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