Danube playground project now fully funded

The group working on building a new handicapped-equipped playground in Danube got good news this month from the DNR. The Danube Park Committee learned they will be receiving a $150,000 Outdoor Recreation Grant, which brings the total amount of money raised to more than $350,000, which is enough to begin construction.

Committee President Julie Krueger says the money will go toward building a handicap accessible park with new playground equipment, new public restrooms, indoor community gathering space and an outdoor picnic shelter. Krueger says her son Greyson has cerebral palsy and has difficulty playing on the equipment currently in Voelz Park in Danube. Two years ago, Krueger came up with the idea of building a new destination playground similar to the one in Willmar that has rides and equipment that all kids can use.

She says the city council got on board, and local groups, like The Danube Athletic Association, as well as citizens and businesses have contributed to the effort, and the donation that put them over the top was a $20,000 gift in May from Bernicks Pepsi. They will soon be breaking ground and construction will begin next month. The park could be open by late August or early September.

(JP Cola, KWLM)

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