Minnesota House bill considers bill to help pay for flooding expenses

The Minnesota House is considering a bill to put money into a fund to help people who may be hurt by flooding this spring.

Representative Dean Urdahl of Grove City says following record-setting snowfall in Minnesota last month, and another major snowfall event this past weekend, weather experts are predicting major flooding throughout the state this spring.

Yet, Minnesota’s Disaster Assistance Contingency Account – created to allocate funds to communities impacted by natural disasters and to avoid calling special sessions to authorize the appropriation of these funds – sits empty. Urdahl says he is co-authoring a bill which rectifies this problem by providing $20 million to Minnesota’s disaster account both this year and the next.

Gov. Tim Walz and House Democrats have proposed putting $10 million into the account for 2019, but Urdahl said that would be insufficient based on last year’s use and this year’s flood predictions.

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