Parking only allowed on odd-numbered side of streets in Redwood Falls until April 1

Starting today, you have to be careful where you park your car on Redwood Falls streets.
At yesterday’s Redwood Falls City Council meeting, the councilors voted to do something they haven’t had to resort to since the winter of 2011 – they ordered winter parking restrictions due to the amount of snow on city streets.
You’ve probably noticed that many Redwood Falls residential streets are much narrower because of the snow piled up against the boulevards. When two cars are parked directly across from each other, it can be difficult for other cars to get by, even single file.
That’s especially a danger during an emergency. If police cars, ambulances, or fire trucks need to get around town, there might not be enough room for them to use some city streets.
As a result, from today until at least April 1, cars and other vehicles are only allowed to park on the odd-numbered side of streets. If you park your car on the even-numbered side of a street, the Redwood Falls Police Department will first give you a 24-hour warning to move your vehicle. If the vehicle is still there the next day, your vehicle will be ticketed and towed.
There are some exceptions to the winter parking restrictions.
If you live on a street already designated a Snow Emergency Route, you can park the same as always, but still need to move your car if there’s more than two inches of snow.
If there’s a large blizzard and the city declares a snow emergency like it did a week or so ago, you can’t park on either side of the street until the street is plowed from curb to curb.
Several blocks, service lanes, or cul-de-sacs in Redwood Falls only have even or odd-numbered streets. Parking can be done normally on those.
If necessary, the winter parking restrictions will stay in effect after April 1 if snow conditions haven’t improved.
For more information, contact Redwood Falls City Hall at 507-616-7400.

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