Family of texting victim want more transparency from Montevideo Police

The woman at the center of the resignation of Montevideo Police Chief Adam Christopher and her family want to know if and when the details of the investigation are going to be made public.

The 18-year-old college student, along with members of her family and supporters attended this week’s Montevideo Police Commission meeting in which Christopher’s letter of resignation was read and accepted. He had been on sick leave since November 15th, the day after a judge granted the woman an harassment restraining order against Christopher because he had begun sending her text messages of a sexual nature.

The Montevideo American News says the woman and her supporters said they were frustrated at what they said has been a lack of transparency and have received no communication from the city.

The Chippewa County Attorney’s Office has determined there is no basis for criminal charges against Christopher, but at Monday’s meeting, City Attorney Janice Nelson said the criminal investigation is ongoing.

A second investigation by the Renville County Attorney’s Office also found no basis for recommending criminal charges. Christopher will be in court next month to contest the harassment restraining order.

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