Badgers Pick Up 2 Wins in Triangular

The Redwood River Valley Badgers picked up 2 wins in a triangular at Redwood Valley high school last night. The Badgers beat New London-Spicer 54-13 and United 42-36. The Redwood County American Dairy Association Player of the Match was Omar Arredondo.

Redwood-River Valley (RRV) 54.0 New London-Spicer (NLS) 13.0

106: Luke Knudsen (NLS) over Carter  Brandt (RRV) (MD 12-4)
113: Ty Bisek (NLS) over Damico  Arredondo (RRV) (Dec 7-2)
120: Owen Bertram (RRV) over Luke Ruter (NLS) (Dec 9-4)
126: Dalton Langseth (RRV) over Jace Neal (NLS) (Fall 0:00)
132: Blake Vagle (NLS) over Jaxon Lang (RRV) (Fall 5:12)
138: Omar  Arredondo (RRV) over   (NLS) (For.)
145: Joseph Anderson (RRV) over Kayden  Wenninger (NLS) (Dec 8-3)
152: Tayte Harazin (RRV) over   (NLS) (For.)
160: Brayden Reynolds (RRV) over Tim Thein (NLS) (Dec 4-1)
170: Andy Fischer (RRV) over   (NLS) (For.)
182: Mason Rummel (RRV) over   (NLS) (For.)
195: James Ploeger (RRV) over   (NLS) (For.)
220: Kaleb Haase (RRV) over Nick McKenzie (NLS) (Dec 7-1)
285: Chad Maddock (RRV) over   (NLS) (For.)

Redwood-River Valley (RRV) 42.0 Dawson-Boyd-Lac Qui Parle-Montevideo United (DBLQ) 36.0

106: Carter  Brandt (RRV) over Zander  Clausen  (DBLQ) (Fall 4:28)
113: Dain  Mortenson (DBLQ) over Damico  Arredondo (RRV) (Fall 1:14)
120: Owen Bertram (RRV) over Landon Knoshal  (DBLQ) (Fall 4:57)
126: Sam  Zindel (DBLQ) over   (RRV) (For.)
132: Jaxon Lang (RRV) over Kadin Huntley (DBLQ) (Dec 11-8)
138: Omar  Arredondo (RRV) over Selvin  Hernandez  (DBLQ) (MD 11-3)
145: Trevon Johnson (DBLQ) over Joseph Anderson (RRV) (Fall 0:34)
152: Tayte Harazin (RRV) over Eli Lowry (DBLQ) (Fall 1:22)
160: Joey Foss (DBLQ) over Brayden Reynolds (RRV) (Fall 3:22)
170: Andy Fischer (RRV) over Keaton Haas (DBLQ) (Fall 1:35)
182: Stone Irvine (DBLQ) over Mason Rummel (RRV) (Fall 1:29)
195: James Ploeger (RRV) over Zander  Boehnke  (DBLQ) (Fall 2:58)
220: Kaleb Haase (RRV) over Quintin Lehmann (DBLQ) (Fall 1:49)
285: Tanner  Johnson (DBLQ) over Chad Maddock (RRV) (Fall 2:50) (RRV Penalty -1.0)

Full Match Audio:

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