Redwood Co. Gov. Center offers sales tax workshop Jan. 23

The Redwood County EDA is hosting a free Sales Tax Workshop on January 23, 2019 from 10 am to 11:30 am at the Redwood County Government Center Learning Center.  Join the experts from DM Hoffbeck, PLLC. for a workshop outlining the recent sales tax changes made by the Minnesota Department of Revenue.  The below items will be covered:

What is and is not subject to sales tax in MN
Generally as a seller in MN most items are subject to state and local sales tax
Use tax is similar to sales tax and the rates are identical. When you buy online or in another state and use the product in MN and the seller does not collect MN sales tax, you owe use tax
U.S. Supreme Court ruled in South Dakota v. Wayfair that physical presence is not required for sellers to be responsible for sales tax collection. Now all MN sellers, regardless of their location must collect state and local sales taxes based on the location of their customer.
Small seller exception to collect MN sales tax (100 sales shipped to MN or 10 or more sales shipped to MN totaling $100,000)
Buyers in MN should see a decrease in the amount of use tax they need to report. Invoices should continue to be monitored for sales or use tax calculations
Sellers in MN would have a more competitive edge with out of state/online businesses
How other states are reacting to Wayfair
Resources -Tax rate look up tools
New Redwood County Tax effective April 2019
Q & A – if you have questions prior to January 23rd, 2019 please include in your registration which will be forwarded to DM Hoffbeck for a more complete and specific answers and/or resources available
This is a free workshop and is open to anyone who would be interested.  It’s asked that you register before January 23rd by emailing  When arriving at the Government Center park on the south side and enter through the Learning Center entrance.

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